Valentina Nessi Red Carpet at 69th Cannes Film Festival


Also this year, for the 3rd time I walked on the famous red carpet of Cannes Film Festival. This year was fabulous and glamorous for many reasons.

I was wearing a haute couture dress by Anjana Misra international indian designer that I met in Paris during the fashion week at Tiffany fashion show.

This year I receive the invitation for the movie premier of “The Neon Demon” by Studio FDO so I would like to thanks a lot Rex for this wonderful opportunity.

Therefore the movie I watch wasn’t that nice, I honestly didn’t like the story even if was talking about fashion, a story of 3 models and a photographer that ended in a very bad way, or better terrific way. I don’t wanna tell you more because I was honestly a little bit disgusted. Anyways let’s speak about the glamour of the red carpet… wearing this luxurious and fabulous haute couture dress was an incredible experience. Thank you so much Anjana Misra to dress me up for this 69th Red Carpet

valentina-nessi-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2016-best-dressed-anjana-misra-haute-couture-02 valentina-nessi-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2016-best-dressed-anjana-misra-haute-couture-03 valentina-nessi-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2016-best-dressed-anjana-misra-haute-couture-chopard-04 valentina-nessi-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2016-best-dressed-anjana-misra-haute-couture-chopard-05 valentina-nessi-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2016-06 valentina-nessi-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2016-07 red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2016-best-dressed-anjana-misra-haute-couture-08 red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2016-best-dressed-anjana-misra-haute-couture-09 valentina-nessi-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2016-best-dressed-anjana-misra-haute-couture-chanel-chopard-10 red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2016-best-dressed-fashion-blogger-model-11 red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2016-best-dressed-fashion-bloggers-12 red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2016-best-dressed-anjana-misra-haute-couture-13 red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2016-best-dressed-fashion-blogger-model-14 valentina-nessi-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2016-15 fashion-blogger-valentina-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2016-best-dressed-16 the-neon-demon-movie-premier-cannes-film-festival-2016 luxury-details-diamonds-watch-chopard-cannes-film-festival valentina-nessi-at-cannes-film-festival-69-red-carpet-vip-pass-wearing-anjana-misra-haute-couture-photo-by-studiofdo


Dread by Anjana Misra Haute Couture

Bag by Chanel

Shoes – Renee Caovilla

Watch by Stella diamnods

Ring by Stella Diamonds

Necklace by Chopard Happy Diamonds

Photo by Studiofdo

Location at the Red Carpet of Palais de Festival

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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