Street Style of Cannes Film Festival – Casual Chic


How to dress in Cannes during Cannes Film Festival in the day time?

Of course the outfit you choose is depending of the occasion or meeting do you have. You can wear easily a long dress for breakfast or a cocktail dress for lunch or bikini and pareo at the beach… The outfit you choose is depend of where are you going.

That day I just went for lunch on the Croisette and then had a meeting with a producer, little interview with voguish TV and this street style photo-shooting of course.

I choose to wear a casual chic look, but a little bit sexy at the same time. So I wore a very simple and basic cotton t-shirt by Zara and a sexy black skirt by Herve Leger. I wanted to add a little bit of glam to this look so I added red accessories and red lipstick of course. When my make-up on the eyes is simple I like to use a strong lipstick color and red or hot pink are my two favorites.

I took the first part of those photos right in front the Palais de Festival, the street was very crowded so after we moved by the port where we discovered a beautiful location – cfr at the end of this post.

street-style-of-cannes-film-festival-2016-casual-chic-02 street-style-blogger-valentina-nessi-jewellery-cannes-2016-03

Smile is the key secret of Beauty

street-style-of-cannes-film-festival-2016-casual-chic-04 street-style-blogger-valentina-nessi-jewelry-cannes-2016-05

I don’t know where I was looking or what I was looking,… probably my regards was lost and my mind was full of thoughts and ideas… Can you just guess what I was thinking? You don’t need to be smart to intelligent to guess, but simply sensitive.

In my eyes you can read hope – an espoir – of better future, forgetting the past and focus on the joy of the present and dreams for the future.


Red lipstick and Valentina Nessi jewelry in Gold and diamonds

chanel-bag-luxury-accessories-cannes-2016-07 red-accessories-chanel-bag-prada-shoes-vfw-cannes-street-style-2016-08

Fashionairy red accessories

from-cannes-film-festival-with-love-valentina-nessi-production-2016-09 street-style-of-cannes-film-festival-2016-casual-chic-10

After the first part of photo-shooting in front of the Palais de Festival we moved near the port for the last part of the photo-shooting, probably the best one!

street-style-of-cannes-film-festival-2016-casual-chic-blogger-valentina-nessi-11 street-style-of-cannes-film-festival-2016-casual-chic-blogger-valentina-nessi-12 post-card-from-cannes-film-festival-street-style-blogger-valentina-nessi-2016-13

This photo looks like a post-card


Sending love from Cannes Film Festival 69th edition


T-shirt – Zara Woman

Skirt – Herve Leger

Bag – Chanel

Shoes – Prada

Watch – Jaeger LeCoutre

Necklace – Chopard

Earrings – Valentina Nessi Jewelry

Sunglasses – Dior

Photo Credit by Francesco Bonanno

Location, Cannes la Croisette and Vieux Port


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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