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Fashion Talents from Ticino, Valentina Nessi, recounts her experience after five years of the opening of “V Fashion World”.
Valentina Nessi, from Lugano, is young, curious, beautiful and enterprising. A tireless traveler, passionate about fashion she decided to kick off her blog “V Fashion World” to share with as many people as possible her experiences through photos, videos, reports, opinions and recommendations. The goal of Valentina is to “inspire people to believe in themselves, to do good and to help others,” a goal that she first managed to achieve by founding the no-profit Association called Vita, to collect funds for humanitarian projects.
A life so filled, behind which there are, however, not only a lot of enthusiasm, but also many sacrifices, courage and willpower. International successes and continuous satisfactions, that Valentina Nessi has decided to tell, along the major milestones of these five years of activity, in an autobiographical book that will be released this fall.

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