Yesterday afternoon I was invited to the presentation of the Kiehl’s cosmetics, that  for the first time arrive in Ticino, at Marionnaud in via Nassa, Lugano.

For the occasion in Team Kiehl’s has organized an event with cocktails and cupcakes decorated with American flags, as the brand was born in New York in 1851. At that time, Kiehl’s was a pharmacy in the East Village district of New York, in the same place where still exists the historic Kiehl’s store.

Over the years, Kiehl’s has expanded its knowledge and expertise in the field of cosmetics, pharmacy and botany for over 160 years using natural ingredients and cutting-edge techniques to create effective products for face care, body and hair.

kiehls-event-marionnaud-lugano-01 kiehls-cocktail-party-02 kiehls-nyc-cupcake-american-style-03 kiehls-event-lugano.04 kiehls-mr-bones-05 kiehls-mr-bones-event-lugano-06 kiehls-mr-bones-event-marionnaud-lugano-07 kiehls-nyc-cupcake-american-flag-08 kiehls-skin-care-presentation-marionnaud-lugano-09

During the event I received a professional advice of my skin, they have analyzed that I have a very sensitive skin and therefore they recommended the products best suited to my needs.

kiehls-ambassador-valentina-beauty-blogger-10 skin-rescuer-stress-minimizing-daily-hydrator-ambassador-11

For the day I was advised to use “Skin Rescuer Stress-Minimizing” cream for everyday treatment against the signs of stress and “Ultra-Light Daily Defense SPF 50”  a high protection cream against UV rays, the main cause of aging skin.

For the night they recommended me to use the “Midnight Recovery Concentrate” one based on lavender oil that regenerates the skin, giving it a more youthful and bright, and the “Midnight Recovery Eye” to reduce dark circles, bags and small wrinkles around the eyes .

Finally also they advised me to do from time to time masks to invigorate and reduce the harmful effects of pollution.

kielhs-skin-care-12 skin-facial-cleanser-and-calendula-tonic

I was advised to do gentle cleaning with a light conditioner, alcohol free and pH balanced, combined with a tonic made from herbal extracts of Calendula plant, ideal for dry skin, just like mine.

After preparing the skin, and deeply cleansed you must moisturize well, they therefore recommended a serum, hydro-plumping, which helps fight the signs of skin aging linked to dehydration, for an overall effect plumping.


I can not wait to start this rejuvenating treatment for the skin of my face, that I honestly really need.

I thank all the Kiehl’s Team for this professional and personal advice.

kiehls-event-lugano-15 kiehls-event-lugano-switzerland-16 kiehls-ambassador-swiss-beauty-blogger-17 kiehls-event-marionnaud-lugano-18 swiss-fashion-beauty-blogger-valentina-19

Photo taken in Lugano, via Nassa at the boutique Marionnaud.

More photos and details of my look in the next post or under the category “LOOK

I really hope you find this article interesting and I really can not wait to start this rejuvenating treatment with Kiehl’s beauty products.

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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