We are all in a hippie positive mood because we are all in a Coachella mood

This is the collection that H&M team up in partnership with the Coachella Art & Music Festival. They create a hippie style collection with flower print, crochet, denim and over sized t-shirt

This is the first collection that H&M create last year in occasion of the Coachella Festival. The shoot the advertising campaign in Palms Spring in the middle of the desert.

hm-loves-coachella-2015-fashion-editorial-02 hm-loves-coachella-2015-fashion-editorial-03 hm-loves-coachella-2015-fashion-editorial-04 hm-loves-coachella-2015-fashion-editorial-05 hm-loves-coachella-2015-fashion-editorial-06 hm-loves-coachella-2015-fashion-editorial-07 hm-loves-coachella-2015-fashion-editorial-08 hm-loves-coachella-2015-fashion-editorial-09 hm-loves-coachella-2015-fashion-editorial-10 hm-loves-coachella-2015-lookbook05 hm-loves-coachella-2015-lookbook13

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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