Distribution of 200 stoves in 8 villages in the valley of Makalu, Nepal.

The chimney were built in Kathmandu, further helping the local economy. Chased the stoves were shipped by truck, for three days of travel, to the village of Num, where the distribution took place.

This project has demonstrated that a simple stove can really change the life of a person and of a whole family. The stoves facilitate the heating in the house without smoke dispersion and also allow you to cook better and with less waste of legna.I

the cost of the stove is 220 $

At the moment we have distributed 200 stoves to 200 familiars in 8 villages of the valley of Makalu.

Other villages have applied for stoves, now the mission of our Association and that of Hands for Nepal is to raise more money to distribute more stoves.

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