Ticino trekking at Monte Bar


Hello my dear friends, many of you asked me if I was in Milano or London for the fashion week.. Well I’m not. I took a little break in fashion to focus on major projects and one of them is my charity project VITA for Nepal by VITA Association.

I’m leaving today for Nepal, in the Makalu region, at more then 3000m of altitude, so during those days and past weeks I trained my body and soul for this very important mission.

I went hiking at Monte Bar in Ticino for few times and it was absolutely fabulous, especially the view! Here few photos I made.

See you in two weeks!

World Peace & Love


ticino-trekking-monte-bar-01 ticino-trekking-monte-bar-02 happy-sundy-ticino-trekking-valentina-03 beautiful-destinations-monte-bar-ticino-photo-by-valentina

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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