Hello my dear friends and loyal followers, as you might have noticed in the past two month I wasn’t very active on my blog and related social media. Not because I don’t want to do it anymore, but I want to do it in a different way. I’m looking for challenges and so here I am. My new challenge is to write a book and I would like to publish it at the end of May, in occasion of the 5th anniversary of the blog.

The book I started to write, just few weeks ago, talks about my story and my personal experiences into the world of fashion in the past five years. In this book I would like to explain better my role, which is not as everybody think: a blogger, but much more. I would like to explain the business behind and the courage to undertake with the hope to inspire others.

The big question is, how can I write a book and publish before the end of May?

By magic, a friend of mine, send me an email with an invitation to assist to a webinar by mentor and publisher John Eggen.

The topic of the webinar is: “How to Write and Publish a Transformational Book that Attracts New Clients and Generates Multiple Income Streams – All in as Few as 90 Days”

This is probably a coincidence, or maybe destiny. Just a few days before, I was a little bit desperate because I didn’t know how to write a book, because I never do it before. The aim of publish it in only three months makes the things even more difficult and ambitious. Perhaps my will and determination to really want to write it and publish it before the end of May attract John and his webinar.

The date of the webinar is today, Wednesday, February 17th, at 5pm Pacific and 8pm Eastern.

You can participate and reserve your free seat now:

During this teleseminar, mister John Eggen, will teach you best methods to write a truly quality book faster than you though possible. At the end of the webinar there will be also an interactive Question and Answer. So what are you waiting fot to reserve your place? Click this link: to book your place. The participation is totally free.

Isn’t this amazing? I was truly surprised when I got this email. Can’t wait for this evening webinar. I hope many others of you will find it interesting!


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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