How to Monetize Your Influence


Today I joined the Bloglovin’ Influencer program to better monetize my blog and related social media as a digital influencer.

Bloglovin’ is one of the easiest and most useful website to follow all of your favourite blogs. In a few clicks you can register and decide which blogs are interesting for all of us, add them to our list in a second and get updated on the newest posts written by your favourite bloggers!

What is the Influencer program?

Bloglovin’ helps international bloggers to monetize their blogs and gain access to relevant brans campaigns. Activate by Bloglovin’ brings relevant campaign opportunities putting your blog in the driver’s seat to which opportunities are better for you.

Activate by Bloglovin’ is a completely non-exclusive partnership, that is meaning that you will be able to partake in multiple branded campaigns.

Activate by Bloglovin’ will help bloggers to build an impressive profile and media-kit and automatically connect with brands.

Activate by Bloglovin’ also provides access to the most current education and content on how to be a better influencer and how to stand out in a crown. Those topics are also the main part of my memorial book which I hope will be released and of May. Fingers crossed for me please.

Everything sounds great, right? So if you are a fashion blogger, any kinds of blogger: fashion, style, travel, food blogger you can join the Bloglovin’ Influencer program and start to monetize your influence

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me.

Happy to be Activate by Bloglovin’!

PS. Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’! CLICK HERE to discover and follow my Bloglovin’ page!

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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