Let’s start the First Day of the Year with a special post. Not only a simple outfit post but a lifestyle post, with my personal thoughts and proposition for the New Year. Is the perfect timing to start planning what would you like to do in the next 365 days.

After writing the 2016 Resolutions and the best of 2015 too I would like to start the new year with good intentions to write everyday a special and inspiring content about how to succeed in a fashion business career, how to create a successful blog; because as a fashion blogger I think that just posting photos of outfits is very limited. My intentions is to inspire you not only with fashion trends and my personal style, which everyone if free to like or to not like. What’s the most important thing for me is to inspire you to be what you want and to achieve your goals. I would love to inspire you to be a better person every day, help people in needs and love and respect everyone.

Be a fashionista has never been my goal. I like fashion, and I like to dress properly for each occasion, believe me, sometime I love to stay in pajama all day long too! I guess everyone love it.

For this post I choose to wear the Balmain dress for the HM Limited edition. I like those one because of the green color and the velvet texture with a kind of baroque design. Also the shoes are form the Balmin x HM Collection and the jewelry is my own design.

As you may remark, the quality of those photos as much more professional compare to the past. One of my good intention for the new year, is to improve the images of my blog and try to do better quality photos and content too of course!

I made this photo-shooting with a super talented fashion photographer, Matteo Volta, who also made the photos of my charity event two month ago. Click here to see the photos.

I really hope you like and appreciate my good intention for the new year. Of course I have many other good intentions and projects, I will keep you updated with the next post on the blog and on my social media too. I would like to thank you all to be always more active on my instagram account, I’m so grateful for this and I thank you a lot.

Enjoy those photos and wish you a fabulous and happy new year!

first-look-valentina-nessi-fasgion-blogger-balmain-02 first-look-of-the-year-balmain-dress-fashion-blogger-03 first-look-of-the-year-fashion-blogger-valentina-nessi-for-balmain-04 fashion-blogger-for-balmainxhm-photo-shooting-by-matteo-volta-05 fashion-blogger-for-balmainxhm-photo-shooting-by-matteo-volta-06 valentina-nessi-beauty-fashion-blogger-for-balmain-07 fashion-blogger-valentina-nessi-for-balmain-x-hm-08 fashion-blogger-valentina-nessi-for-balmain-x-hm-total-look-09 fashion-blogger-valentina-nessi-for-balmain-x-hm-10

fashion-blogger-for-balmain-x-hm-photo-shooting-11 fashion-blogger-for-balmain-x-hm-photo-shooting-12 fashion-blogger-for-balmain-x-hm-photo-shooting-13 fashion-blogger-valentina-nessi-for-balmain-x-hm-photo-shooting-14 fashion-bond-girl-balmain-x-hm-15 fashion-bond-girl-balmain-x-hm-16 fashion-bond-girl-balmain-x-hm-17 happy-new-year-look-of-the-day-first-best-fashion-blogger-18 fashion-business-woman-valentina-nessi-of-vfashionworld-for-balmain-19





Location: Hotel Chateau Monfort

Photo Credit: Matteo Volta photographer

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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