VITA for NEPAL Charity Event Official Video

Finally the official video of the Charity Event I organized already a month ago in Milano is ready.

You might already watch the teaser video on Facebook or Youtube?

It takes me a little bit longer to create this video because I curated every single details of the images, music and concept of the video. The goal of this video it’s to show you the charity project I have been working in the past six months.

I wanted to organize this charity event to raise more money to help Nepal after the terrible earthquake happened last April.

During the event I also organize a charity lottery and auction.

I would like to thanks all the brands who participated to the event:Rajni Zaren, Panama Hatters, Bambood Sunglasses, Nove25, Dog Fever, Roberto Novarese, Katya Fernandez, Mimmo Schivio, Jo Fabbri, Francesco Padovani, Patriacia Contreras, Andrea de Carvalho, Marco Keller x Logonovo, Antoniette Dema and Dress-mee that dress me for the event with this beautiful flower print silk dress.

Special thanks to Laura e Silvia Squizzato, Celine Kraus, Mattia Sacchi, Romina Prandi and Matteo Volta for the beautiful photos.

Together for a Better World!

Discover more info and photos in the links below:

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Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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