BEST OF 2015


Another year has come to an end, and I can’t stop thinking about all the beautiful things, moments, people I’ve met and the opportunities that have come into my life. I feel so blessed and grateful about it.

At the end of every year I like to think about all the events that happened to me during the year and I feel very happy and grateful every time I do it. Every year I realize that Life is a beautiful present and I love to make the most of it, enjoying every opportunity, adventure and overcoming any challenge that I will encounter.

2015 has been the year of changes. First of all, I changed my apartment in Paris. Second, I changed my orientation in life because I now have a bigger and stronger business orientation and also have philanthropic goals.

For the first year I dedicated myself to charity initiative and projects to help people in need. This year my first concrete charity project was to help Nepal after the terrible earthquake that devastated the country and saw the death of many innocent people.

This new project started on April, and it made me change my life’s vision. I started to have a deeper consideration of our actions, our mission on Earth and I understood the importance of giving.

I consider myself a very lucky person, I have everything I need: a beautiful life, a beautiful family, and a beautiful job. However, thinking about those who have nothing makes me sad and I feel the need to do something to help them. That’s the reason why I really want to help as much as I can people in need and help those who want to make a change and make the world a better place.

I feel that this new project and mission started to change my life too, and this is just the beginning. I prepare myself for many others big changes in the following year.

Sometime I compare the experiences of the present year with the experiences of the past years and sometime I think to myself that the past looked better compared with the present, but then I realize that there is no “better year” or “worse year”; every year is different and unique in its own way. Thanks to our experiences we acquire knowledge, and our knowledge makes us stronger and more self confident and this self confidence gives us the power to reach all the goals we have in life.

It’s very important not to compare our life with someone’s else because we are all different. We all have different stories and experiences in the past that made us become the person we are today but we can’t know about it. Moreover, people’s goals and ambitions in life are different with one another and as a result people will take different paths in their lives.

The most beautiful thing and present I can give to all of you, is to inspire you and the most beautiful present I can receive from you is to know that I’ve inspired you. I want to inspire you to believe in yourself and in your dreams. Never give up, because if you really want something you have to do everything you can in order to get it. Moreover, I want to inspire you to be free, and not to be afraid of what people think about you. Don’t care about what people say behind your back because only you know what it’s important for your life and if people do that to you, they were probably not real friend. Always be honest and tell the truth even if it hurts. Be always positive, and life will smile back at you.

This year I really learned a lot of things and I’m very happy and grateful for the beautiful people I have met and came into my life. Some of them left, some of them came back, but all of them have taught me something important in life.

As usual at the end of every year I do a photo-diary with my favorite photos and moments: so here it is my choice. Enjoy the photos and wish you all a Happy New Year!

best-of-2015 best-of-2015-luxury-jewellery-fashion-blogger-valentina-nessi-divine-02 best-of-2015-fashion-blogger-valentina-nessi-red-carpet-03 best-dressed-of-2015-valentina-nessi-charity-blogger-04

best-dressed-blogger-of-2015-05  best-of-2015-fashion-celebrity-blogger-05 best-of-2015-red-carpet-06best-friends-of-2015-07 best-watch-of-2015-de-grisogono-grappoli-watch-08 best-of-2015-fawaz-gruosi-09

best-dressed-of-2015-valentina-nessi-10 best-dressed-of-2015-valentina-nessi-11 best-dressed-of-2015-valentina-nessi-divine-12 best-of-2015-paris-hilton-and-valentina-nessi-13 best-of-2015-selfie-with-karlie-kloss-14



best-of-2015-valentina-nessi-jewelery-blogger-de-grisogono-18 best-of-2015-valentina-nessi-interview-19



best-of-2015-swiss-fashion-blogger-valentina-nessi-interview-21best-of-2015-PALMIERO-Family-22 best-of-2015-YOKO-Exquisite-pearls-23 best-dressed-of-2015-valentina-nessi-24 best-of-2015-charity-event-25 best-of-2015-lugano-fashion-blogger-26 best-of-2015-travrl-look-morocco-27 best-of-2015-charity-event-28 best-of-2015-marrakech-girls-29 best-of-2015-charity-event-30 best-of-2015-charity-event-31 best-of-2015-charity-event-vita-association-jewellery-32

best-of-2015---swiss-celebrity-locarno-film-festival-red-carpet-35 best-of-2015-safari-at-kruger-park-36 best-of-2015-marrakech-du-rire-37 best-of-2015-safari-at-kruger-park-38 best-of-2015-safari-at-kruger-park-39best-of-2015-fawaz-gruosi-charity-project-40 best-of-2015-Vita_for_Nepal_Charity-Event-Milano-2015-gemelle-squizzato-41 best-dressed-of-2015-spring-outfit-42 best-of-2015-summer-43 best-of-2015-cara-delevingne-de-grisogono-44 best-of-2015-rec-carpet-venice-film-festival-45 best-of-2015-summer-46 best-dressed-2015-london-street-style-bycicle-47 best-dressed-london-street-style-trafalgar-square-48 best-of-2015-london-street-style-fashion-blogger-49 best-of-2015-VOGUE-HOUSE-50 best-of-2015-anna-wintour-51 best-dressed-of-2015-valentina-nessi-hermes-bag-52 best-dressed-london-street-style-53 best-of-2015-street-style-paris-saint-germain-casual-chic-2015-54 best-of-2015-mariano-divaio-eleonora-brunacci-55 best-of-2015-israel-56 best-of-2015-israel-57 no-luxury-blue-dress-peninsula-paris-01 best-of-2015-summer-saint-tropez-58 best-of-2015-summer-sailing-59 best-of-2015-summer-aeolian-islands-60 no-charity-blogger-valentina-nessi-nepal-pavilion-expo-2015-01







Happy New Year!

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