lotteria-di-beneficenza-vita-for-nepal-by-vita-association-26-11-2015Tonight I will host a Charity Event in Milano to raise money for Nepal.

During the event I will also organize a charity lottery and auction.

I would like to thanks all the brands who participated to the event and give us a precious product.

Thanks to Rajni Zaren, Panama Hatters, Bambood Sunglasses, Nove25, Dog Fever, Katya Fernandez, Mimmo Schivio, Roberto Novarese and Valentina Nessi.

Follow the event in live-stream on instagram @vitaassociation 

More info about the charity association on the official website

zaren-cashmere-and-silk-hand-made-in-nepal panama-hatters-charity bambood-sunglasses nove-25-charity-02 nove-25-charity-auction dog-fever katya-fernandez-silk-foulard mimmo-schivio roberto-novarese vita-jewellery-by-valentina-nessi-charity-auction

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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