Why Fashion is important? My interview for RSI – Radio Televisione Svizzera


Hello everyone, yesterday I was invited by the RSI Radiotelevisione Svizzera as a guest at “S-quot”, where we talked about fashion, but not only that.

The main topic of the episode was “Fashion” where both the audience at home and I had to answer the question: “How important is fashion to you?”

Obviously for me fashion is important, as it is my passion, my job and lifestyle.

“Fashion is a way to say who you are without having to talk,” as the American stylist Rachel Zoe once said.

But why fashion is important?

I think fashion is important because it expresses our personality. Through the fashion we are free to express ourselves, our tastes and our lifestyle. You have to live the freedom and fashion as entertainment, not as an imposition to have to dress a certain way. The great luxury brands do not ever dictate the rules, but in fact, they are inspired by street-style. The fashion world in contemporary times is upside down. It is the style of the street, the famous “street-style” that has become a source of inspiration for the big luxury brands. In the past years, the figure of  the Fashion Blogger took over and has become a key figure for many people. Fashion bloggers do not only communicate their own style and their own taste, but they also “play the role” of opinion leaders, which means that lots of people virtually follow them to know what are the last trends and to get some ideas on how to dress. The figure of the fashion blogger has become so important and influential that is also called “Digital Influencer”.

I am very happy and proud that my blog is recognized as the best national and international blog. My blog is not just about fashion, but also art, beauty, travel and lifestyle.

Another issue that is close to my heart is charity. For this reason I wanted to present live, yesterday, my Charity Book, with a photographic collection of photos taken in Nepal by my mother, Stella Nessi, a few months before the earthquake. Browsing through the book you can find several interviews and witnesses of celebrities.

I take this opportunity to announce that I am organizing a charity event in Milan on November 26. You can find more information about the event here. All the money that will be raised during the event will be devoted to charity in order to rebuild a school in Nepal.

If you have any questions about the charity event or about fashion do not hesitate in writing me an email or leave a comment below this article. Thanks a lot

PS. If you have not seen the live broadcast, you can see a replica now on RSI LA2 and also Sunday at 09.30 on RSI LA1.

Thank you all and see you soon!

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JEANS Denim Leggin, Gold Zara sweater, Stradivarius Coat in Missoni style, bordeaux frange bag by Zara, black frange boots by Zara, Stradivarius sunglasses in rayban style, Valentina Nessi jewelry in Gold and diamons, Bulgari ring and Wenger watch, for my new project “watch your style”.

Discover more of my looks in my lookbook page, here!

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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