Sometimes during the Fashion Week it’s good to take a little break in a luxurious and peaceful place to have a cocktail and spend some time with friends to talk about our passions in life.

After the Dior show and my street style photo-shooting in front of the Louvre Museum I went to Maison Souquet, a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Paris, in the famous Pigalle district.

The owner and manager of the hotel gave me the best welcome, after a little tour of the hotel to learn about the history of it, we went to the bar where I tried some very special cocktails, one with alcohol and one without. If you are going there, you can choose one of the many cocktails on the menu, or also ask for a personalized cocktail, I love this idea of personalizing your own cocktail.

Some of the cocktails have the name of famous courtesans, because the hotel in the IX century was a closed house. Each room of the hotel have different decoration. The hotel only has 20 rooms in total.

Well the only think you can do, when in Paris, is to discover this new place.

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