Hello everyone, I have just returned from Venice where I attended the premiere of the movie “Rabin the last day” by Amos Gitai. Israeli director wanted to tell the story of the Prime Minister after the 20 anniversary of his murder.

Perhaps if the prime minister did not die now there would be peace? Israeli director pushes the Israeli society to be an examination of conscience and reflect on the current situation of the country.

The film was very interesting, even if at times a bit ‘boring and repetitive in my opinion. But this film was much appreciated and there were up to 20 minutes of applause. Certainly the film will win some prize at the film festival in Venice.

I think this film will be the winner of the Venice Film Festival!

After the film there was a huge and luxurious hotel Excelsior event where I had the opportunity to learn about one of the co-producers of the films in competition.

The Venice Film Festival has been a wonderful experience! Soon they will add more photos of the evening at the Excelsior and other photos of Venice.

Tomorrow I leave for Tel Aviv in Isreal, follow all my news on instagram @valentinanessi

see you soon


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