When you are sailing you mostly wear swimwear, but how to dress to go for a walk on the port and around the island?

I found this perfect dress in nautical style with a hippie touch. I love to wear striped t-sirt and striped dress while I’m yachting.

The beauty of  sailing or yachting  is that you can discover every day a different place. After having visited the island of Stromboli and Panarea we arrived to Vulcano. The first day we tried the famous thermal baths (click here to see the previous post). In the evening we tried the best fish restaurant by the port called “The King of Fish”

I let you discover more photos of my nautical outfit during my walk by the port.

sailing-nautical-striped-dress-port-01 sailing-nautical-striped-dress-port-02 sailing-nautical-striped-dress-port-03 nautical-striped-dress-marina-yachting-04 nautical-striped-dress-marina-yachting-05 nautical-striped-dress-marina-yachting-06 discovering-vulcano-island-07 discovering-vulcano-island-08 discovering-vulcano-island-09 discovering-vulcano-island-10discovering-vulcano-island-11 discovering-vulcano-island-12 discovering-vulcano-island-13 sunset-in-vulcano-island-14

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Morgan de toi Nautical dress

LOCATION: Vulcano, Aeolian Islands, Italy

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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