My second day of my yacht week to Aeolian Island I woke up in Stromboli, the volcanic island with black sand and deep blu sapphire water. I woke up at 6am with the sunrise. Already at seven in the morning the sun was up and the wearer very warm. I couldn’t not resist to jump into this magnificent blue sapphire water.

In the late afternoon, after a whole day of swim we moved to another island, Panarea. Discover more in the next post. Now enjoy those photos!

nautical-bikini-naval-style-02 nautical-bikini-naval-style-03nautical-bikini-naval-style-04 nautical-bikini-naval-style-05 nautical-bikini-naval-style-06 nautical-bikini-naval-style-swimining-07 nautical-bikini-naval-style-08 nautical-bikini-naval-style-photo-by-settimio-costa-09nautical-bikini-naval-style-10 nautical-bikini-naval-style-the-yacht-week-italy-11 nautical-bikini-naval-style-the-yacht-week-italy-12 nautical-bikini-naval-style-the-yacht-week-italy-13 nautical-bikini-naval-style-the-yacht-week-italy-14 nautical-bikini-naval-style-the-yacht-week-italy-15 nautical-bikini-naval-style-the-yacht-week-italy-16 nautical-bikini-naval-style-the-yacht-week-italy-17 nautical-style-sunset-in-salina-18 nautical-style-sunset-in-salina-19 sunset-in-salina-aeolian-islands-isole-eolie-20 nautical-style-sunset-in-salina-21 sunset-in-salina-style-22

BIKINI OF THE DAY: Saylorette Nautical Style limited edition

LOCATION: Stromboli, Aeolian Islands, Italy



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