This week our inspiration is the yachting style for many reason. The first one is because I’m going for a yacht week in the Mediterranean sea, exploring the Aeolian Islands. An other reason is because I really love the yacht lifestyle and the sailor style with striped t-shirt and white, blue and red colors.

Here some photos of the yacht style inspiration of the week!

yacht-yaching-style-inpiration-of-the-week-02 yacht-yaching-style-inpiration-of-the-week-01 yacht-yaching-style-inpiration-of-the-week-03 yacht-yaching-style-inpiration-of-the-week-06 xenia-tchoumitcheva-yacht-style-inpiration-of-the-week-05 yacht-yaching-style-inpiration-of-the-week-04 yacht-yaching-style-inpiration-of-the-week-07 yacht-yaching-style-inpiration-of-the-week-10 yacht-yaching-style-inpiration-of-the-week-goldendiamonds-08 yacht-yaching-style-inpiration-of-the-week-kendall-jenner

Yacht style inspiration credits to: Kiersten of the Blonde abroad blog, fashion and lifestyle blogger Doina Ciobani of Goldendiamonds, Swiss Style Blogger Valentina Nessi and Xenia Tchoumitcheva. International fashion girls Chrispi Tangui, Alessandra Pozzi and Hofit Golan. Last photo by Kendall Jenner.



Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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