As I told you in my previous post, Panarea is my favorite island. I have been there 10 years ago and it was such a immense pleasure to be back! The little village and the port was exactly the same as ten years ago! Nothing has changed. Seemed that time never passed.

I enjoyed a lot walk along the little streets surrounded by colorful flowers as bougainvillea and hibiscus.

The streets of Panarea and the whole island is also the inspiration of the new Dolce & Gabbana perfume called “Escape to Panarea” as you can see better in the new Inspiration of the week post that talk all about the Beauty of Aeolian Islands and the photos that represent the Light Blue Journey.

We chose to stop to Panarea for my sister’s birthday. We booked the best restaurant and club called Raya to celebrate her birthday, but in the evening has arrived a big thunderstorm so unfortunately we has to cancelled the birthday party at Raya and we did a funny dinner on the boat.

Hopefully in the afternoon the weather was sunny and beautiful so I had a chance to take those photos.

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LOCATION: Panarea, Aeolian Islands, Italy


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