Two weeks ago already I did an amazing yacht week to Aeolian Islands with a beautiful sailing boat. I love yachting and sailing because you can discover every day a different place. With a boat you can also stop in the middle of the sea or in a wild bay for lunch or swimming. The color of the water is blue sapphire and sometime turquoise. This is the reason I call this holidays a Light Blue Journey.

The Aeolian Islands are a volcanic archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of Sicily, named after the demigod of the winds Aeolus. In total they are seven islands called: Lipari, which is the biggest one, then Salina, Vulcano, Stromboli, Panarea, Filicudi and Alicudi which is the smallest one.

If you are interested to rent a sailing boat or a catamaran with a super funny italian skipper you can contact me by email here, or leave a comment below.

Now I did a selection of the best 50 photos during my yacht week around the islands.

isole-eolie-photo-diary-02 isole-eolie-photo-diary-03isole-eolie-photo-diary-04isole-eolie-photo-diary-05

isole-eolie-photo-diary-06 isole-eolie-photo-diary-07 isole-eolie-photo-diary-08 isole-eolie-photo-diary-09 isole-eolie-photo-diary-10 isole-eolie-photo-diary-11 isole-eolie-photo-diary-12 isole-eolie-photo-diary-13 isole-eolie-photo-diary-14 isole-eolie-photo-diary-15 isole-eolie-photo-diary-16 isole-eolie-photo-diary-17 isole-eolie-photo-diary-18 isole-eolie-photo-diary-19 isole-eolie-photo-diary-20 isole-eolie-photo-diary-21 isole-eolie-photo-diary-22 isole-eolie-photo-diary-23 isole-eolie-photo-diary-24 isole-eolie-photo-diary-25 isole-eolie-photo-diary-26 isole-eolie-photo-diary-27 isole-eolie-photo-diary-28 isole-eolie-photo-diary-29 isole-eolie-photo-diary-30 isole-eolie-photo-diary-31 isole-eolie-photo-diary-32 isole-eolie-photo-diary-33 isole-eolie-photo-diary-34 isole-eolie-photo-diary-35 isole-eolie-photo-diary-36 isole-eolie-photo-diary-37 isole-eolie-photo-diary-38isole-eolie-photo-diary-39 isole-eolie-photo-diary-40 isole-eolie-photo-diary-41 isole-eolie-photo-diary-42 isole-eolie-photo-diary-43


isole-eolie-photo-diary-45 isole-eolie-photo-diary-46 isole-eolie-photo-diary-47 isole-eolie-photo-diary-48 isole-eolie-photo-diary-49 isole-eolie-photo-diary-50 isole-eolie-photo-diary-51

You can discover more photos and details of my daily outfit or better bikini in the links below:

Marina Yachting shirt

Nautical Bikini in Stromboli

The Panarea Bikini

Escape to Panarea

Amarea Mermaid Bikini

Ariel bikini by Saylorette

Vulcano Thermal Baths

Nautical Hippe Dress in Vulcano

Sailorette bikini in Lipari

Saylorette bikini in Filicudi 


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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