During my second day of Paris Haute Couture fashion week the sun was shining so I opted for a very summer look all in white lace with a cropped top.

I wanted to wear a pair of comfortable shoes so I opted for my new chanel espadrilles in black that they are perfectly matching with the chanel boy bag and the chanel jacket in cotton and silk.

In this case I transformed a typical beach outfit into a fashionable parisian summer look. What do you think about the result?

This is the look I choose to wear to attend at the Paris warrior show. CLICK HERE to see all the photos of the show!

white-lace-cropped-outfit-with-chanel-boy-bag-espadrillas-02 white-lace-cropped-outfit-fashion-blogger-with-chanel-boy-bag-03 white-lace-cropped-outfit-with-chanel-boy-bag-espadrillas-04 eiffel-tower-summer-photo-05 white-lace-cropped-outfit-fashion-blogger-parisienne-06 chanel-sunglasses-perls-pfw-07 white-lace-cropped-outfit-with-chanel-boy-bag-espadrillas-paris-fashion-week-08 white-lace-cropped-outfit-with-chanel-boy-bag-espadrillas-paris-warrior-show-09 white-lace-cropped-outfit-with-chanel-boy-bag-espadrillas-tour-eiffel-paris-fashion-blogger-10 paris-je-t'-aime-kiss-11 tour-eiffel-summer-photo-july-2015 j'adore-paris-je-t'aime-tour-eiffel


White lace top

white lace short

Chanel Jacket

Chanel espadrilles

Chanel boy bag

Chanel sunglasses

Location: Paris, France

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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