The City of Lugano in the last days has hosted the Swiss Harley Days. The largest parade of Harley-Davidson in Switzerland. Thousands of bikers from all over Europe who have gathered on the banks of Lake Lugano for three days intense and eventful.

For this occasion I chose to wear a very casual outfit. Since yesterday was July 4 I decided to wear a t-short with the American flag, denim shorts and white wedges. What do you think of this look different from usual?
This is the picture I took yesterday with my smart-phone.

harley-davidson-white-luxury-edition-02 swiss-harley-days-lugano-03 swiss-harley-days-lugano-04 swiss-harley-days-lugano-05 swiss-harley-davidson-lugano-lungo-lago-06 harley-davidson-style-lugano-swiss-harley-days-07 harley-davidson-style-lugano-swiss-harley-days-08 harly-davidson-09 harley-davidson-style-lugano-swiss-harley-days-10 harley-davidson-style-lugano-swiss-harley-days-11 harley-davidson-style-lugano-swiss-harley-days-12

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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