Last week in Paris I had the pleasure to attend Svetlana Kushnerova Haute Couture Fashion show.

Svetlana Kushnerova has imagined a liberated woman, audacious and romantic at the same time, undetectable, feminine and timeless. With this parisian collection, she combines her inspirations with French savoir-faire. This time, she mixes many materials (silk, embroideries, leather, crochet knits) and floral design. In fact her new collection is called “Winter Flowers”.

A collection free from codes and season. She blends pastel with sensual leather, soft fur, cosy whool and organza. Her new shoes line brings the final touch to outfits.

Discover the photos I took from the collation directly from the front row!

svetlana-kushnerova-fw-2015-haute-couture-front-row svetlana-kushnerova-fw-2015-haute-couture-01 svetlana-kushnerova-fw-2015-haute-couture-02 svetlana-kushnerova-fw-2015-haute-couture-03 svetlana-kushnerova-fw-2015-haute-couture-04 svetlana-kushnerova-fw-2015-haute-couture-05 svetlana-kushnerova-fw-2015-haute-couture-06 svetlana-kushnerova-fw-2015-haute-couture-07

svetlana-kushnerova-fw-2015-haute-couture-08 svetlana-kushnerova-fw-2015-haute-couture-09 svetlana-kushnerova-fw-2015-haute-couture-light-blu-fur-10 svetlana-kushnerova-fw-2015-haute-couture-light-blue-fur-11 svetlana-kushnerova-fw-2015-haute-couture-finale svetlana-kushnerova-fw-2015-haute-couture-ira-borninfashion svetlana-kushnerova-fw-2015-haute-couture-front-row-mode

Discover more about my outfit in the next post

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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