Mint and Pink are my two favorite colors and I like to wear them especially in Spring time. When first time I saw on the boutique this lace crop top I immediately fall in love and I said to myself “I need it on my closet”.

I found those beautiful sunny and super warm day in Cannes, during the Film Festival, the perfect day to wear it.

I shoot those photos on the Croisette and and the beach. I very street chic and glamour summer look.

miss-diorissima-cannes-croisette-street-style-fashion-blogger-01 miss-diorissima-cannes-croisette-street-style-fashion-blogger-02 miss-diorissima-cannes-croisette-street-style-fashion-blogger-03 miss-diorissima-cannes-croisette-street-style-fashion-blogger-04 miss-diorissima-cannes-croisette-street-style-fashion-blogger-05 miss-diorissima-cannes-croisette-street-style-fashion-blogger-06 miss-diorissima-cannes-croisette-street-style-fashion-blogger-07 miss-diorissima-cannes-croisette-street-style-fashion-blogger-08

Then I went to the beach “à la Plage du Festival”

cannes-is-yours-15-09 miss-diorissima-cannes-croisette-beach-fashion-blogger-10 miss-diorissima-cannes-croisette-beach-fashion-blogger-11 miss-diorissima-cannes-croisette-beach-fashion-blogger-12


TOP – Tally

SKIRT – Zara

JEWELS – Accessories

BAG – Dior

Photo by Tatiana Romanova

Location: Cannes, Croisette



Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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