Can you image my happiness? Walk on the red carpet it’s a big thrill and I was very happy and honored to had the chance to do my second Red Carpet Experience. The year before I was panic a lot (click here to see the photos of my first Red Carpet Experience), this year I was more happy and excited then the year before; I was still panic a little bit because I was afraid to stumble in the long couture dress. Hopefully everything went very well, I was walking with much more self confidence then the year before. I couldn’t not stop smiling and say “hello” to the hundreds photographers.

I would like to thanks the photographer Rachid Bellak for those beautiful photos.

When I arrived at the top of the “Montée des marches” I did some selfie with my best friend Karina Valdes, which I would love to thanks a lot for this beautiful Red Carpet experience together. We were both so happy and excited!

We had the pleasure to assist ad the movie premiere of “Irrational Man” written and directed by Woody Allen. The movie was quite strange, I will tell you more about the movie later.

Now, enjoy the photos of my red carpet experience!

red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2015-01 best-dressed-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2015-valentina-nessi-02 best-dressed-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2015-valentina-nessi-03 divine-best-dressed-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2015-valentina-nessi-04 best-dressed-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2015-05 best-dressed-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2015-valentina-nessi-karina-valdes-06 best-dressed-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2015-valentina-nessi-karina-valdes-07 red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2015-08 red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2015-09 best-dressed-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2015-dior-couture-10 valentina-nessi-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2015-11 fashion-blogger-valentina-red-carpet-cannes-film-festival-2015-12 valentina-karina-valdes-fashion-happy-girls-red-carpet irrational-man-woody-allen-premier-red-carpet-ticket movie-premier-palais-de-festival-cannes

We had the pleasure to watch the movie premier “Irrational Man” written and directed by Woody Allen.

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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