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Yesterday I attended the conference in Lugano on the theme “EXPO and Territories” organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland in collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy.

I show you now an overview of Expo presented by Giancarlo Perella.

EXPO 2015 is a unique event. The world’s largest event on the topic of food. Investigate challenges related to food and its retrieval and will be a showcase for all aspects of the food: the knowledge, taste, pleasure and its future sustainability.

EXPO 2015 Media Kit 01

EXPO 2015 is a global consensus.

148 Official Participants: 145 + 9 The United Nations and other international organizations (6.5 million people: 93% of the world population)

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Forecast of international visitors:

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Thematic Areas: Zero Pavilion, Future Food District, Food in Art, Biodiversity Park, Children Park.

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EXPO 2015 is home to magnificent structures created by the best architects in the world

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The theme of EXPO 2015 is the Food, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

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106 National Day

EXPO 2015 Media Kit National Day 10 EXPO 2015 Media Kit 11

8th of May live-meeting with Samantha Cristoforetti talking about “Food in the Space”

EXPO 2015 Media Kit 12

EXPO 2015 Media Kit 08

Events in EXPO 2015: The magic of the Tree of Life, together with extraordinary cultural, artistic, gastronomic and musical.

Every night from Wednesday to Sunday at 21’00 unique shows of Cirque du Soleil.

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The main objective of this conference was to promote the connection from Switzerland to Milan thanks to railways SBB. Thanks to the presentation of Claudio Giudotti, Project Manager.

EXPO 2015 Media Kit SBB Transport

The conference concluded with an overview of some neighbouring territories such as Brianza, Valle d’Aosta and Abano Terme, broadening the experience of the Expo.

More info on www.expo2015.org



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