OLIVIER ROUSTEING: Fashion, Parties and All-Out Glam

olivier rousteing and alexa chung

Oliver Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, in conversation with Alexa Chung, talks about fashion, parties, celebrities, selfie and all-out glam.

Rousteing’s celebrity friends, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Kendal, Rosiee and many others are an influential part of his life. He like when her celebrity friends wear their balmain dress during a party. Women want to be the queen of the night and Oliver know exactly what they want.

Olivier Rousteing like to impress everyone but mostly he would like to impress his father. He said that his father doesn’t gets what he do, especially when Oliver did a naked cover his father asked “Why you are naked? You are a designer, you should wear and design clothes”

Olivier Rousteing life it’s not only about fashion and clothes but about parties and Glam!

The Balmain designer is very social and like to post selfie and photos of his personal life on Instagram. He is the first designer who break the rules and play with the social media, a new way of communication, he said. Olivier like to read and answer at his Instagram comments, but he doesn’t pay attention to critics.

Not everyone can afford Balmain, but thanks to Instagram everyone can touch the dream and be part of Balmain World.


During the conversation with Alexa Chung, Olivier talks about his personal life. He said he comes from an orphanage and he have been adopted at young age. This is the reason why the designer has the ambition to open an orphanage.

The main message that Olivier Rousteing want to pass on is to believe in your dreams!

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Olivier Rousteing in conversation with Alexa Chung-Fashion Parties and All-Out Glam
Olivier Rousteing in conversation with Alexa Chung-Fashion Parties and All-Out Glam

Oliver Rousteing photo portrait Oliver Rousteing

You can watch the official video conference below

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