JEAN PAUL GAULTIER: A Life Less Ordinary

Jean Paul Gaultier a life less ordinary in conversation with Erin O'Connor
Jean Paul Gaultier “A life less ordinary” in conversation with Erin O’Connor

Jean Paul Gaultier started his conversation with Erin O’Connor by saying that if he could have dressed anyone it would have been the Queen Mother or even her daughter, the Queen Elizabeth.

I really like his sense of humor as you can see in the image below, an example of humor and creativity

Jean Paul Gaultier for coca-cola adv

The entire conversation was full of energy and enthusiasm!

Jean Paul Gaultier started to work for Pierre Cardin and Jean Patou.

Gaultier was also preparing 18 collections a year for Hermes. I honestly didn’t know that and It’s always interesting to know new things about a person and a designer.

The biggest celebrity who wore Gaultier couture was Madonna. Everyone remember the sexy corset right?


Madonna for Jean Paul Gaultier

An other of Jean Paul Gaultier’s favorite muse is Dita Von Teese, which she is my muse too. Dita Von Teese catwalks several time for Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris

Jean Paul Gaultier and Dita Von Teese
Jean Paul Gaultier and Dita Von Teese
Dita von Teese for Jean Paul Gaultier butterfly dress
Dita von Teese for Jean Paul Gaultier butterfly dress
Dita von Teese for Jean Paul Gaultier Skeleton Dress


Last year, after 39 years the designer decided to end his ready-to-wear line and to focus purely on his couture line.

Discover more about my full experience at the Vogue Festival HERE. And more info on

You can also watch the official video of the conference below:


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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