CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN – Tales from Beyond the Red Sole

christian louboutin talk tales from beyond the red sole

Last Saturday I had the great opportunity to attend at the Vogue Festival and in particular way to attend at the talk of Christian Louboutin in conversation with Alexandra Shulman, Editor in Chief of British Vogue

The first time Alexandra Shulman met Christian Louboutin was in 1992 when she just got her job at Vogue magazine and she went at Louboutin shop in Paris to buy a pair of new shoes and “trying to look like a Vogue editor”. This answer makes me laugh so much! I guess everyone would love to look like as a Vogue Editor.

The first time Christian Louboutin came to London was at the age of 15 years old. London was and still is very different from Paris. In that period in London there was the Punk and Rock culture.

Christian Louboutin like to travel and his favourite place is Egypt. He consider Egypt as his homeland, is the place where he build his summer residence, like a castle in the desert. He said he likes to go to Egypt to find the inspiration to design the summer collection. Instead he prefer to be in Paris or better in the north of France to design the winter collection.

Christian Louboutin is extremely fascinated by the showgirls of Folie Bergères. He tooks inspiration to create a sexy shape of shoes.

I was very impressed when Christian Louboutin, shoes designer said that the shoe is like the face of a person, the important that the face is beautiful, then we can add the make-up to enhance it even more. But if your face is ugly, even if we add the make-up will not be able to create a beautiful face. Very particular as a comparison!

I think he wanted to point out that the structure of the shoe is essential, if the shape of the shoe is beautiful and good quality then we can add more decorations, but if the structure of the shoe is not done well, it can never be a comfortable shoe or luxury.

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christian louboutin and alexandra shulman

You can watch the video of the conference below:


Discover my full experience at Vogue Festival HERE or find more info on


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