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Hello to everyone, finally I find a bit of time to share my travel experience in Basel. I was there two weeks ago in occasion of the Baselworld trade show. I arrived the day before the Watch and Jewellery fair opened so I had the opportunity to visit and discover the city. Basel is a swiss village and at the same time very international because is located only 15/20 minutes form the border to France and Germany. Everyone in Basel speak fluently german, french, english and also italian.

To get to Basel I took the train from Lugano, which takes around 4 hours. I left at 7am from Lugano and I arrived at 11am in Basel. The sun was shining, and the weather particularly warm. I was very happy because in Lugano it was raining. Anyways as soon I arrived at the train station I took a taxi to leave my luggage at the Hotel Basilisk. I stayed in my hotel room just for half an hour to refresh myself and then I went immediately out to discover the city.

The question is, what can you see and what can you do in Basel in only one day?

Well I tried to do as much as I can. Because I’m an art lover, the first thing I did was to go to visit a museum. I chose to visit the Tinguely Museum. The Museum was designed by the very famous swiss italian architect Mario Botta. After the exhibition I went along the river for a walk, I also took a little taxi boat to cross the river, was so nice.

My next stop was at the Basel Kunstmuseum of modern and contemporary art. I saw so many beautiful painting as the Van Gogh portrait, Paul Cézanne, Kandinsky, Fontans, Chagall and many others. I consider myself as a art lover and I can stay inside a museum for hours and hours.

After the exhibition I walk until the center where there is the main square of the city. It was already 4pm and I had not eaten yet. I took quickly a green jus and I continuous to walk around the city and take photos.

In the late afternoon I went to Maxim’s hair salon in Markplats. They have the best view of the city and Markplatz.

In the evening I wanted to tried a typical swiss restaurant for dinner, but at the last minute I got an invitation from two other bloggers, so I went to their apartment for dinner. Next time I will be back to Basel I will try for sure more restaurant so I can tell you more where to eat in Basel. eheh

I really enjoyed my day and my stay in Basel, the beautiful and sunny weather has definitely influenced my good mood.

Enjoy the photos!

swiss train basel train station instagram basel tram Basel platz basel red building basel travel blogger basel train station Swiss travel blogger in basel Basel Tourism boat trip 02 Basel tourism boat trip 01 basel boat trip 02 basel boat trip 01Basel river 02basel boat trip 03Basel river 01 swiss fashion blogger in Basel 01 swiss fashion blogger in basel 02 Tinguely Museum 03

At the Tinguely Museum, designed by architect Mario Botta

swiss blogger at the Tinguely Museum in Basel Tinguely Museum in Basel Tinguely Museum 01 Tinguely Museum 02 Tinguely Museum 03 Tinguely Museum '5JPG Tinguely Museum 06

basel photographer basel city

Kunstmuseum of modern and contemporary Art

basel kunstmuseum Van Gogh portrait

The Van Gogh portrait

basel bicycle photography basel house

At Maxim’s hairsalon in Markplatz

maxim's hair salon in basel swiss beauty blogger

The day after I attended at the Baselworld watch and jewellery trade show

welcome to baselworld

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Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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