Valentina Nessi e Fawaz Gruosi CEO of de Grisogono

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity and honor to attend at Baselworld as a guest of the famous and renowned jewelry brand de GRISOGONO.

They invited me to participate at the exclusive live streaming interview with Fawaz Gruosi, CEO and Creative Director of de GRISOGONO.

The Live Streaming Interview was also attended by others international luxury bloggers and jewels editors including Katerina Perez, Kyle Anderson (Marie Claire Accessories Director), The Jewel Collective, Beanie Major of INDTL – In Detail London, Andrea Tisci, Bizzita, Liza Arula and me of course!

This was the first experience of live-streaming interview, also called “hangout”, a communication method promoted and created by Google plus. The hangout is a kind of live-chat video where people can talk simultaneously. This new Hangout experience had a strong media impact worldwide thanks to all the web influencers, bloggers and editors that has participated. In the future there will certainly be other similar social media projects in direct contact with bloggers and digital influencers.

The digital world is having a role of fundamental importance for the communication of a brand because it’s more immediate, realistic and interactive!

After the hangout de GRISOGONO invited me at their booth at the Baselworld where I had the opportunity and honor to try some of the wonderful jewels creations of the brand de GRISOGONO such as those beautiful earrings and ring in rose gold and diamonds of the new Vortice Collection.

de grisogono luxury experience at Baselworld 2015 de Grisogono vortice collection luxury experience de grisogono vortice ring luxury experience de grisogono social media luxury experience de grisogono vortice collection earrings valentina nessi of v fashion world for de grisogono luxury experience valentina nessi of v fashion world for de grisogono Valentina Nessi wearing de Grisogono Vortice Collection

I also tried this beautiful pink leather bracelet with diamonds and pink sapphires. This bracelet is part of the Allegra Collection. I find the design of this bracelet very youthful, sporty and elegant at the same time.

De Grisogono Allegra bracelet and Vortice ring in rose gold and diamonds

The brand de GRISOGONO is famous for being the first one to use the black diamonds in the jewellery industry. In fact, the black color is one of the favorite colors of Fawaz. He also like the black stone Onyx as those beautiful earrings in black onyx adorned with emeralds and white diamonds.

De Grisogono Gocce Earrings in onyx white diamonds and emeralds
De Grisogono Gocce Earrings in onyx white diamonds and emeralds

As I said before Fawaz Gruosi was the first one to use the black diamonds for jewels, that was a kind of revolution in the jewellery industry. Fawaz loves to be different and unique especially regarding the design. He admits that a touch of madness never hurts. An example of his madness and creativity is the CRAZY SKULL Watch.

Crazy Skull Watch in black diamonds by de Grisogono

The particularity of this skull watch, totally covered in diamonds, are the two dials inside the eyes and the mouth with baguette cut diamonds teeth and ruby tongue.

This watch shows precisely the genius and creativity of the jewelry designer.

de Grisogono Crazy Skull watch collection Crazy skull watch with Crazy girl

Crazy isn’t it?

Another particularity of the brand de GRISOGONO is the use of ray skin, an exotic skin of fish that looks grainy and brilliant at the same time. The jeweler uses this skin for bracelets and for the watch bands. Fawaz Gruosi was the pioneer of this new trend that now many others imitate or take inspiration of him.

My favorite piece is the Grappoli Watch, a true work of art.

This splendid example exists in various colors, black, white, blue, pink, … for the occasion I decided to wear the red one with Ruby. Beautiful isn’t it?!

de Grisogono Ruby grapple watch
de Grisogono Ruby Grappoli Watch

I sincerely thank Fawaz and Violetta Gruosi for the invitation and for this wonderful experience.

Fawaz Gruosi and Violetta Gruosi Valentina Nessi and Fawaz Gruosi de Grisogono  Valentina Mirror  effect Valentina at de Grisogono Baselworld 2015Valentina Nessi and fawaz Gruosi

You can watch the video of the hangout HERE (long version) or the short version below.

Enjoy and see you very soon for new luxury news!

Special Thanks to all de GRISOGONO Team

Photo Credit: Salim Benzeriga of Starring Agency

Location: Basel, Switzerland



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