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Hello everyone, as usual at the end of every year I write to all of you a post or better a digital letter of my personal thoughts about all the beautiful experiences and events that happened during the year!

This year I don’t want to talk about the usual special events I attended as the fashion weeks or Cannes film festival because, since I do this every year, it became as a routine. However, I want to talk about myself, about my changes and evolution! I want to talk about appreciation and my life’s values!

I’m writing this post while I’m laying on my bed and I’m watching the stars out of my window. And it’s during these times that I realize how lucky I am, not only for seeing the stars but for realizing how beautiful the Universe is, how beautiful my life and my family are and how much I’m lucky to live this life!

Being a blogger or fashion blogger is not only about writing about fashion trends, fashion shows, fashion weeks or my personal looks but it’s more about writing about myself and my life. That’s why I consider myself more as a lifestyle blogger then a fashion blogger.

Fashion is my passion, fashion is my work, but fashion is not my life! My life is my vision, my dreams that thanks to my actions have become reality!

My life is all about actions and making decisions. My decision in Life is to be free, be myself and do only what I love! This might seem easy to say it but believe me it’s not easy at all! Taking this decision means having the courage to take every risk, and to expose myself for what I am!

Being a blogger also means having many responsibilities because thousands of people or better millions of people listen to you and take you as an example and inspiration! So my responsibility and my duty is to inspire people to be good, to love themselves, to respect one another and to love life! I also want to inspire them to help each-others and help people who are less fortunate then us! That’s why this year more then every other year I’m more active in charity initiatives.

This year I established my charity Association named “VITA” whose aim is to create a Better World. I’m also the ambassador of “Nourish the Children” initiative in order to fight against hunger in the world and to give those people an opportunity to have a better future through education and other initiatives.

I truly believe that together we can make a difference! I really hope to inspire you to do the same! You can become a VITA Member and be part of this noble cause! I will be more than happy to embrace and meet new people with the same ideology like mine!

I think life is an evolution for being better every year and every day!

This year was also the year of new challenges and many changings. I changed my apartment in Paris, I changed my webmaster and the design of my website and I changed my style a little bit as well.

This year I worked hard on many new projects that you will see realized next year, so prepare yourself for many new exciting surprises!!

I’m concluding this post because I already talked too much, even if it’s never enough. I have so many things to tell you so please keep following me on the blog and on bloglovin too, that’s the easiest way to follow all of your favourite bloggers, and don’t forget the social media as well, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google plus!

I wish you all a beautiful New Year!

With love


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This fabulous year ended with a wonderful trip to South Africa! You can already see a preview on my instagram page and soon all the photos on the blog too!

I would like to thank all of you that follow me during this Journey, I’m very happy to have you in my life and to share my experience with you! I really hope you will continuous reading my blog and my adventures in life. There will be many big news and surprises in the New Year!

I wish you all a fabulous and Happy New Year, may all your dreams come true!

With Love


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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