ballaro RAI interview with Valentina Nessi

While I was in St. Moritz last weekend RAI I did an interview for the transmission Ballarò the theme is ‘The Wealth and Poverty’

The question was what is the poverty line?
My answer was that poverty is the delimiting the basic needs or have to eat, and a roof to sleep. Only people homeless and without food are considered poor.
What you eat and where you sleep are criteria of social differentiation, those who eat bread and water, and sleeps in a cot is considered poorer than those who eat caviar and sleeps in a hotel suite or in a castle.
Wealth can help you to have more comfort and luxury lifestyle.

What determines the wealth?

And I said that there are two types of wealth, the economic and the cultural! Not rich only who has the most money, but is rich who has more culture and education!
Here we talk of social differentiation, for example
two people with the same economic capital you could say that are the same or equivalent, but then how do they stand? What makes the difference is the cultural capital, that they can speak more languages, have attended excellent schools, have diplomas, have traveled, all these things enrich your cultural capital that is what makes the difference, compared to an upstart, new rich!

Later they asked me if you have to be rich to be able to live in St.Morirz?

I answered you certainly have to be rich because the real estate and the lifestyle is expensive, but at the same time does not need to be millionaires to live in St. Moritz; There are his villas to 5 or even 10 million Euros, but one can also live comfortably in a studio apartment.

Last question was if wealth makes you happy?

I said no, that wealth helps to have more comfort and facilities, but happiness is not linked to wealth! Because even a simple farmer who lives in a barn with his flock can be happy and you can also consider rich as has the privilege of living in contact with nature and have fresh and genuine products every morning!
Suffice it to compare a peasant with a factory worker, maybe the worker earns more, but his lifestyle is much lower than that of a peasant!

Finally, in my opinion the only great wealth and the freedom to do what you love!

Too bad that in the assembly we have not taken all the conversation in full, but I’m glad to share with you my thoughts on these issues, because this is not just a fashion blog but also blog of life or lifestyle where I like to tell my opinion and my views and reflections on life.

If you have any questions to ask me please do not hesitate to leave a comment below or write me an email!

Thank you very much

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