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Are you a morning person?

Honestly i’m not!! I am a night person in the way that I like the night because is the moment where creativity comes to my mind! The night time is my favorite moment for many reasons… the lights of the city in the night time are just so magic, in the night time i can watch the moon and the stars in the sky…I love the night time because everybody sleeping when I’m still awake, I can feel the silence and I can concentrate more! The night time is the only time when creativity come to my mind!
I love that kind of nights! I feel like I have a delirium of creativity that don’t make me fall asleep! It’s a kind of positive insomnia that make me feel happy and excited about all the beautiful ideas you just had!

So what I start to do is to write down my ideas so that in the morning I can better start to work and create!

When finally after hours of creative excitement I fall asleep it’s almost time to wake up! Honesty I hate alarms in the morning but well soon or later it’s time to wake up!

This morning for example I put the alarm O’clock at 8am and already 30 minutes before I was up!

This is the collateral effect of my creative night that make me wake up in the morning with the positive energy to start a new day!

This is what I call creative morning because As soon I wake up I start to work, work, work and crate, create, create!

I love that kind of mornings!

I have so many news projects coming up, so stay tuned, continue to follow me on the blog and on my social networks: Facebook, Instagram & youtube to stay always updated.

Wish you all a beautiful and creative day!

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Photo taken by ma chérie Zara Zidane in Geneva


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