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Saturday night I attended at the Charity Gala organized by Associazione Elisa that took place at Palazzo Mantegazza called Metamorphosis in Lugano.

As a fashion blogger the big question is “How to dress for a Charity Gala?
Well the long evening dress is mandatory I can say. I opted for an handmade long black dress adorned in beads. I was feeling like a Elie Saab princess or model during the runway show. This is absolutely the most beautiful and elegant dress I ever wore.
Because is november and the weather in Switzerland is quite cold, I keept me warm with a red fox fur.
During a luxury gala wearing jewels is a must. All women was wearing their most beautiful pieces of jewels. I opted to be simple and chic with my own desing collier by Valentina Nessi jewelry in white gold and diamonds, a cartier clou bracelet always in white gold and diamonds and in the other hand a chanel rose ring and roses bracelet customized. The earring in rubbins and black diamonds also personalized are created by my Mom.

As a make up I choose to do smokey eyes with a touch of eye-liner and a red lipstick to give a touch of glam and color to the dark look.

The concept of the evening was Venetian glitters so that’s why we were wearing the masks.
During the whole evening there was a live music concert with violins playing Vivaldi clasic music.
Before the ball the Elisa Association organized a charity Auction where all the benefits going for a charity cause.
We ended this beautiful charity event by dancing until late in the night. Is good to dance, and better if it’s for a good cause.

Associazione Elisa Gala Guest Valentina Nessi Lugano 02Valentina Nessi jewelry 03 Valentina Nessi luxury evening dress and fur 04

Valentina Nessi luxury evening dress 05 metamprphosis Lugano

Valentina Nessi luxury evening dress 05

Valentina Nessi jewelry gala evening 06

Valentina Nessi jewelry gala evening 07

Valentina Nessi  gala evening 08 chanel jewelry rose ring

cartier bracciale chiodo clou

Valentina Nessi jewelry chanel cartier jewels 11

valentina nessi jewelry white gold and diamonds 12

Valentina Nessi profile top luxury fashion blogger 13 Valentina Nessi venetian glitter mask 14associazione elisa girls venetian glitters 14 associazione elisa girls venetian glitters 15 associazione elisa girls 16 associazione elisa girls venetian glitters 17 how to dress for a charity gala, luxury evening dress

Associazione Elisa girls Lara Del Rocino 19

Lara del Rocino Owner of Stilissima boutique

Marco Borradori sindaco di Lugano 20

Marco Borradori sindaco di Lugano

charity gala guest 21

Associazione Elisa girls guest dancing 22

Associazione Elisa Ana Mantegazza 24

Ana Mantegazza Founder member of Associazione ElisaAssociazione Elisa Ariella del Rocino 25

Ariella Del Rocino Member of Associazione Elisa

Associazione Elisa dancing for a good cause 26

Associazione Elisa dancing for a good cause 27

luxury fashion blogger Valentina Nessi elegnat evening dress Palazzo Mantegazza lugano 28 Luxury fashion blogger louis vuitton bag 29 Valentina Nessi luxury evening dress and fur 04


DRESS – Handmade customize sequined dress in Elie Saab style

JACKET – Red Fox Fur

BAG – Louis Vuitton

JEWELRY – Valentina Nessi collier, Cartier bracelet, Chanel ring, customized earrings and others jewels

HAIR STYLE by Marco Hair-stylist Lugano

LOCATION – Palazzo Mantegazza – Metamorphosis – Lugano

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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