John Galliano

Today, October 6th John Galliano’s comeback was announced after 3 years of a absence on the fashion scene. His departure from the French house Christian Dior was due to racist and anti-Semitic comments he made in a French bistro while heavily drunk. In a recent video posted on Galliano explains himself and apologizes to the people the hurt.

Today is rebirth of this British designer who has been chosen as the new Creative Director of Maison Martin Margiela.

Renzo Rosso of the OTB group that owns Maison Margiela says: “John Galliano is one of the biggest talents of all time – an amazing and exceptional designer of a fashion house that has been an innovator in the industry. I look forward to his return. I believe he will be recreating those fashion dreams that only he can make, and I want him to find his new home here.”

I think John Galliano is the greatest fashion seigner. His creativity is renowed.

Galliano was indeed the creative director of Christian Dior for several years, working on four collections per year: two Haute Couture collections and two Ready-to-wear collections.

I am pleased with his comeback but I must admit that I would have been even happier if he made it back to Dior and not to Margiela. His sense of aesthetic and his style are very much different from MMM, a house that prides itself in their austerity and simplicity. What do you guys think of this choice?

What moved me personally when I watched Galliano’s interview for Canal+ is his state of mind, a man who made a huge mistake, who almost destroyed himself because of alcohol and drugs but found the strength to overcome it all and to start a brand new Chapter. “Errore humanum est” Each one of us deserves a second chance.

Congratulations to Galliano. We wish you the best of luck and success!

John Galliano photo by Patrick Dermachelier

John Galliano photo by Patrick Dermachelier

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