valentina attending festival del film di locarno red carpet

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to attend the Grand Opening of The Film Festival in Locarno in Piazza Grande and watching the movie première of Lucy by Luc Besson.

Special Guest of the night was Melanie Griffith also member of the jury of the short films.

The movie Lucy of Luc Besson starring the beautiful Scarlett Johnsson.

“Lucy is a student that maybe is partying a little too much and she doesn’t really know what to do in her life. So it could be anyone” said Luc Besson. But during the film something special will happened to Lucy and she will have access to the ultimate knowledge of the entire universe.

This was a fantastic action and scientific thriller that represent the best situation of our contemporary life and future projection thoughts.

“I hope that movie make the public think about the potential of our brain and all the things we can do or create with our mind” Said Luc Besson

An interesting movie that i suggest everyone to watch!

melanie griffith al festival del film di locarno sul red carpet

melanie griffith festival del film locarno luc besson piazza grande locarno festival del film festival del film locarno piazza grande

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