pin up saylorette naval style

Since March 2014 I had the honor to be the Ambassador of Saylorette, a new luxury swimwear brand in Pin-up and Naval style. Created for all the women that love to be glamorous, sexy, confident and happy.

The brand inspires a sense of confidence and joy through design, colors and style.

For this photo-shooting I wanted to associate the brand with the warmth of the sun, the breeze and the blue color of the sea to transmit the relaxing and serene feeling we get when we are on holidays.

As location for the photo-shooting I choose  the bay of Cannes, one of my favorite destinations. To have more info about the city of Cannes you can read my brand new category “Luxury Destinations”.

In this photo-shooting I was wearing 3 models of the collection: French Flag, Super Glam & Glam sport.

Discover more about the brand on their website and related social media: Facebook, Instagram and google Plus.

The photos are taken by Francesco Bonanno in Cannes

happy sailorette in Cannes french pin-up sailorette naval style

sayloret super glam pin-up swimwear 01

saylorette miss super glam 02 saylorette miss super glam 03

valentina nessi miss saylorette fashion icon blogger saylorette fun in Cannes 04 saylorette super glam pin-up 05 saylorette super glam pin-up kiss 06 saylorette super glam french pin-up Valentina Nessi in Cannes 08 saylorette super glam valentina nessi 09 saylorette super glam french pin-uè in Cannes 10 saylorette french pin-up super glam 11 saylorette french pin-up super glam 12

fashion saylorette sunset cannes with Valentina Nessi

saylorette glam sport swimsuit 01 saylorette glam sport swimsuit 02 saylorette glam sport pin-up swimsuit 03 saylorette glam sport pin-up swimwear 04 saylorette glam sport pin-up naval style 05 sailorette glam sport naval style in Cannes 06 saylorette glam sport collection in Cannes 07 saylorette glam sport pin up swimsuit 08 saylorette photo-shooting behind the scenes x vfashionworld sunset photo-shooting x vfashionworld

In this photo-shooting I was wearing 3 models of the collection

Saylorette French Flag Taikini

Saylorette Super Glam swimsuit

Saylorette Glam sport swimsuit

Discover more about the brand on their website and related social media: FacebookInstagram and google Plus.

The photos are taken by Francesco Bonanno in Cannes

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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