MY RED CARPET EXPERIENCE was absolutely fabulous!

For the occasion I chose to wear a long dress Red Valentino, Dior Couture clutch, Chopard happy diamonds necklace and earrings from the collection signed by myself .

Everything was  very exciting . Adrenalin and stress rose to a thousand ! Waiting at the Grand Hotel Martinez was very long, you can see so many actors and actresses waiting for their limo to get to the red carpet… Luckily I was in the car along with Nadège Lacroix. To release the tension we had fun with some selfie and videos on our limousine. Once I get to the top of the stairs my heart was beating a thousand, we held hands all the time as if we were two girls on the first day of school. We felt a bit ‘ intimidated by all those flash and the fact of being a side by side reassured us. Once I arrived at the top of Montée des Marches I breathe and said to myself ‘ I made it!

One of the most beautiful things about this experience is that you can met many actors and actress.

My Red Carpet Day ended with a fabulous party at VIP Room with the live concert of Snoop Dogg, thanks so much to Jean Roch for the invitation at your famous club.

See the full press release HERE & HERE!

red_dress_for_red_carpet_valentina_nessi_best_dressed limousine_cannes_red_carpet red_carpet_valentina_nessi_cannes_film_festival red_carpet_valentina_nessi_nadege_lacroix_best_dressed01 red_carpet_valentina_nessi_nadege_lacroix 02 red_carpet_valentina_nessi_nadege_lacroix 03 red_carpet_valentina_nessi_nadege_lacroix 04 red_carpet_valentina_nessi_nadege_lacroix 05 red_carpet_valentina_nessi_nadege_lacroix 06 red_carpet_cannes actor-malik-barnhardt


red_valentino_dress_for_red_carpet red_valentino_dress_red_carpet jean_roch_vip_room_red_carpet vip_best_dressed_look vip_roon_red_carpet_look

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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