Winter Holidays in St.Moritz

winter_look 01

Hello guys, this is my traditional winter holidays photo diary (click here to see the album of the previous year). I hope you enjoyed your winter holidays as much I did. This year was really special because after long time I finally celebrate  New Year with all my family and best friends. It was a quite vacation, made to enjoy every little moment of pleasure with our beloved once. I spend a lot of time with my grandma, we made long promenade into the wood, we appreciate the fresh air and the wonderful landscape. Nature in Switzerland is really beautiful, is like a little paradise on heart.

It’s important to feel grateful and remind myself of what’s really important. My job into the fashion industry is apparently nice, people always smile, but in reality is full of materialistic and opportunistic persons, is not always so easy to find honest and natural people. This vacation with my family and closest friends make me remind the real important value in life: Family & Friendship and of course also our Mother Nature. I appreciate every moment of this pure relaxing vacation.

St.Moritz is my winter destination since I was born, I have all the memories of my childhood too. It’s scary of years going so fast, but I always feel like a little happy child when I’m there.

Enjoy the photos and the video at the end of this post!

IMG_4737 ski_day_look_st_moritz IMG_4845 IMG_4839 IMG_4800 IMG_4717 IMG_4698 IMG_4891 IMG_4900 IMG_5062 king's_club_palace_st_moritz red_fox_winter_look IMG_4718 IMG_4891 IMG_7605 IMG_5160 winter_st_moritz 04 winter_look 03

IMG_5015 winter_st_moritz 08 IMG_0725 IMG_7672 IMG_5041 IMG_5044 king's_club_party snowman IMG_7666 sledging_berün 04 IMG_5031 chanel_chain_winter_look IMG_5074 IMG_5038 valentina_nessi_for_herve_leger

IMG_7620 IMG_4888 IMG_4907 sledging_bergun 03 winter_look 11 winter_look_kiss 17

The video

If you missed some post about my winter holidays you can click the link below:


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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