Snow White Winter Look

winter_look 01

SNOW WHITE and also my Look White for this post! The weather the first Day of the year was wonderful and Sunny, seems like the Sun wanted to kiss and smile to share happiness. I was so happy that day! We need to appreciate little things in life as a Beautiful Day as share time with family. This winter holidays was all about this, appreciate little and simple things in life.

For that Day I choose to wear a total white look, white like the snow. I had a awl in a little village near St.Moritz where the nature is more wild and beautiful.

winter_look 02 winter_look 03 winter_st_moritz 04 winter_st_moritz 05 winter_look 05 winter_st_moritz 06 winter_st_moritz 07 winter_st_moritz 08 winter_look 09 winter_st_moritz 10 winter_look 11 winter_st_moritz 12 winter_look 13 winter_st_moritz 14 winter_st_moritz 16 winter_look_kiss 17

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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