New Year’s Eve on the snow


HELLO 2014! This year I choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a different way. Usually I go clubbing as you can see in my special post of the New Year’s Eve of the past from 2006 until 2012.  I have been almost all around the World, in the best winter destinations such as St.Moritz, Cortina, Gstaad but I also has been in the Caribbean sea, New York and Hollywood.

One of my favorite and traditional place where I celebrated New Year’s Eve in the past is in St.Moritz the jet-set destination, or better the place where to be!

After had tried almost all the clubs in St.Moritz this year my friends ask me to do something different and I accepted. Do you wanna know what right? Well We went in the top of a mountain almost half an hour ride with horses-sledges and we had a very intimate dinner in a chalet with only family and closes friends. After midnight we went down the mountain with the slides. Of course we weren’t drunk. Lol

It was so much fun! Breathe the fresh air of the mountain, watch the stars in the sky, they are always shining more on the top of the mountain.

For the first time I wasn’t wearing a sexy glitter dress but a Snow-suite, scarf, hat and snow-boot. What about this look? ehehh not very usual for me!

I was particular happy also because my two baby Jack Russells, Luna & Nuvola came with me to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Well it was a perfect New Year’s Eve, different then usual; as you know I like to live the Difference.

Hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve too! Wish you a Happy New Year!




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Hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

Wish you a HAPPY 2014!!


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