Chinese Haute Couture Name – Laurence Xu

laurence_xu_fashion_haute couture

Haute Couture is pure luxury fashion & art. The creativity of the designer have no limits. This is what Laurence Xu do when he create his fabulous Haute Couture dresses.

I had the chance to visit his temporary showroom in Beijing at the luxurious Raphael Hotel. I was really impressed by the creativity and also the use and combination of the different materials as silk, exotics leathers and plumes. Each dress was a piece of Art.

What for you it means Haute Couture?

fashion_haute_couture_laurence-xu 01 fashion_haute_couture_laurence_xu 02 fashion_haute_couture_laurence_xu 03 fashion_haute_couture_laurence-xu 04 fashion_haute_couture_laurence_xu 05 fashion_haute_couture_laurence_xu 06 fashion_haute_couture_laurence_xu 07 fashion_haute_couture_laurence_xu 08 fashion_haute_couture_laurence_xu 09 raphael_luxury_hotel_beijing fashion_haute_couture_beijing

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