Architect Zaha Hadid has created a set of rings from lattices of gold filigree for Swiss jewelry brand Caspita.

The designs were inspired by natural cell structures and comprise a double layer of polygons that form a delicate mesh over the finger. The front of the band is shaped into a claw-like asymmetric point while the other side is shorter. Made in black, white, yellow and pink gold, some of the rings have diamonds set into sections of the lattice. Bracelets in a similar style also form part of the limited-edition collection.


This is the text that Zaha Hadid press release team send to us:

Zaha Hadid offers Caspita her visionary talent by designing two exclusive pieces, a ring and a bracelet, which will be limited edition and launched at the Zaha Hadid Design Gallery in London on November 28th, on show until December 2nd during theCaspita pop-up store at the Gallery. The collection named “Skein” will then travel to Art Basel Miami to be showcased in the temporary installation “colette art DRIVE-THRU at alchemist” from December 2nd to 8th.

Succumbing to the charm of CaspitaZaha Hadid dwells for the first time upon goldsmith’s objects. This unprecedented partnership is the first of Caspita projects of astounding collaborations between jewellery, architecture, contemporary art and design. Inspired by cellular structures found in nature, these creations harmoniously intensify the brand’s aphorism “See the invisible.”

The unparalleled Swiss craftsmanship makes the creation of these two sibylline jewels possible, a profusion of lattice in filigree produced in black, white, yellow and pink gold set with diamonds or not. This feat of entwined geometries reveals its extraordinary sparkle thanks to the skill of the goldsmiths who expertly hand-polish these two prodigiously meshed works.

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