Sexy Devil Zombie comes back to life for Halloween

sexy_devil_zombie_halloween_costume 01

Dear ghosts, zombies and vampires this is my halloween story. Once a year the dead are allowed back into the world of the living, where we can experience the carnal and material pleasures again. I went for dinner at Matignon Paris where I mingled and partied with other creatures from the World of the Dead.

We used our sleeping coffins and filled them with skeleton shaped skulls and vodka. The music felt more alive then ever as I had heard no earthly  sounds in the darkens of the night under ground as dead.

I wish every living being to enjoy every moment and second of your life, because you will be dead one day. So live every day as if it’s your last one!


sexy_devil_zombie_halloween_costume 02

sexy_devil_zombie_halloween_costume 03

zombie_halloween_costume 04

zombie_halloween_pumpkin 05

zombie_halloween_costume_vampire_skull 06

sexy_devil_zombie_halloween_costume 07

sexy_devil_zombie_halloween_costume 08

zombie_vampire_costume_makeup 09

vodka_coffin 10

sexy_vampires_girls 11

sexy_vampires_girls 12

angel_and_devil_halloween_costume 13

zombie_live_death_makeup 14

halloween_location 15

black_swan_halloween_costume 16

death_skull_location 17

vodka_coffin 18

raspoutin_halloween_party 19

After party at Raspoutine

death_coffin 20 night_of_the_leaving_death_zombie_night

See you next year my dear living friends!




Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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