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Dear friends and followers,

In occasion of FIAC (Foire international d’Art Contemporaine ) I wanted to share with all of  you the photos which I took in occasion of the CHANEL Fashion Show SS 2014 in Grand Palais last week. You can click here to see the photos of the fashion show. There were so many interesting pieces of art which I enjoyed and found interesting; for example a big green painting with big nails to the wall that caught my attention, the symbolism behind the painting and the message that the artist wishes to convey is that works or art like human beings can also be hurt.

Another important piece which i found impressive is the big robot that created the chanel N°5 Perfume, as you all know the Chanel N°5 is a pop icon  and from my perception it represents the modern era, the industrialization of the world we live in where machines have replaced human beings.

Finally, i ask myself why is it that the most expensive machines rust and lose value over time and instead paintings gain value? I believe it is because machines are created by human beings but put together by mechanical means however; paintings are unique as they are created by human beings and put together from the artists, hands and mind which is the conduit and medium to his soul that is unique and irreplaceable.

Remember we are all different and special in our own way and the world is beautiful because we are different, i wish you all a wonderful day and do not ever forget how special you are !

love V

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Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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