Saint-Petersburg International Fashion Week AURORA FASHION WEEK Russia will take place on October 14 – October 20, 2013. New season will introduce new names and young designers from Saint Petersburg, Russia and other countries.

Runway program and designers’ presentations will be held in the Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum. As usual, the shows will take place in Raphael and Titian halls. This season a separate hall for presentations will be introduced, where designers will be able to show their collections as installations and performances.

One of the main lines of development AURORA FASHION WEEK Russia pursues every season is a constant search for new names in fashion and support of young designers, who are in the very beginning of their careers.

HOMO CONSOMMATUS Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Show

HOMO IMG_2595-11 IMG_2600-13 IMG_2601-14 IMG_2603-15 IMG_2591-9 IMG_2593-10

LILIA KISSELENKO Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Show

IMG_2845-45 IMG_2846-46 IMG_2848-2 IMG_2850-8 IMG_2851-3 IMG_2855-10

PIROSMANI by JENYA MALYGINA Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Show

IMG_2786-25 IMG_2788-26 IMG_2790-27 IMG_2791-28

The Designers show casing their collection at Aurora Fashion Week were generally for the most part pretty good.  the organizers of Aurora Fashion Week are great, and friendly and have managed to throw an event that is fun and with a great atmosphere. I love the Fashionomica concept. It’s the coolest thing about Aurora Fashion Week. It’s held during today where many guest speakers from various professions of the fashion industry come to speak and answer questions.
One of my complaint about AFW Russia is the food outlet! It’s like they brought food stalls from Pulkova airport charging close to $10 for a byte- size sandwich. Also I was not impressed with the quality of the models. The look of the models is average to below average. Most of the models look boring and unattractive. Not in line with international standards. One model agency in particular, Select Delux, seems to be very unoriginal and lacking, always using the same faces over and over and over making everything they touch look very boring and plain. I saw more attractive girls in St Petersburgh on the way to Aurora Fashion week working at Mcdonalds than at most shows as some of the model agencies employed are  just plain, unattractive and boring.

Article written by VFW Team

photo credit Alister Toma



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