Vivienne Westwood Red Label Fashion Show in London

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I was really excited to attend again at the Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring Summer fashion show in London. The first time I attended at the Fall Winter collection and it was absolutely amazing CLICK HERE to see the photos and video of Vivienne Westwood previous fashion show. Also this time Vivienne use her name and her brand to speak about the “Climate Revolution” working with the Environmental Justice Foundation.

The show started with a dance show “The Dance of death must end” this was the main goals of Vivienne Westwood fashion show. “Trapped in its hostile environment an animal will die. It will try to leave, it will leave but there is nowhere to go”. The models are people who have a home like you and me. We must stop Climate Change to avoid our total catastrophe.

Watch the video of the dance of death

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Watch the final video of Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring Summer 2014 Collection


Also this time Vivienne use her name and her brand to speak about the “CLIMATE REVOLUTION”. This time she worked with the Environmental Justice Foundation and she ask to everybody to help Climate Refugees by filling a specific postcard. Not only our home is our refuge but also our Planet Earth is our home and yet the climate change and makes someone homeless every second. “Nothing is impossible, everything is possible” she said. I believe it’s essential we bring economic and ecological intentions into alignment, and establish more cooperative systems, to protect our planet and its people. I do believe this is possible. founded by Lily Cole, a good friend of Vivienne & Andreas that have been long term collaborators. Together they created her icon dress for the Met Ball 2013, which was made from wild, sustainable rubber from the Amazon, as part of Lilly’s work with Sky’s Rainforest Rescue Campaign.





Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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