Milan Fashion Week Day 2

stuart_weitzman_store_milano 03

I SPEAK IMAGE – During Milano Fashion Week I love taking photos all around the city and also of some of the new flagship store that open in the Capital of Fashion as Fendi in via Monte Napoleone and Stuart Weitzman in via Sant’Andrea. I love taking pictures but I love also when others people take photos of me, I like to be in both part, in front and behind the camera. So my second day of Milano Fashion week started with an official photo-shooting with Canon in collaboration with Camera della Moda and Moda-style-telling. I went to their showroom to choose an outfit for the photo-shooting, then they made to me a professional make up and hair style, that honestly I really like it because was glamour and chic. All the morning pass very fast while doing a photo-shoting I never realize the time pass so fast. After a little break for lunch I went with my friend Céline to the new opening of Stuart Weitzman store and after to the new Fendi flagship store where they give to us a wonderful welcoming. The director of Fendi store invite us also to the new Fendi Exhibition in Teatro Manzoni that was absolutely fantastic. I end my second day of Milano fashion week with a dinner at Curo’ Sicilian restaurant with a group of friends.






Getting ready for the official photo-shooting with Canon and Camera della Moda.





stuart_weitzman_store_milano 01

stuart_weitzman_store_milano 02

stuart_weitzman_store_milano 03

stuart_weitzma_store_milano 04

and now discover with me the new Fendi Flagship store

fendi_flagship_store_discovering 01

fendi_flagship_store 02

fendi_flagship_store 03

fendi_flagship_store_milano 04

fendi_flagship_store 05

fendi_flagship_store 06

fendi_flagship_store_milano 07



fendi_and_the_cinema 02

fendi_and_the_cinema 03

fendi_and_the_cinema 04

fendi_and_the_cinema_fur 05


I end my day with a delicious dinner da Curo’ sicilian restaurant


I was wearing

SHIRT – Zara

SHORTS – Dolce & Gabbana

SHOES – Zara

BAG – Forever21 in Chanel boy style

JEWELRY – Valentina Nessi

photo by Céline Elisabeth Kraus

Location – Milano


MFW Day 1



Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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